Stephanie is a pleasure to work with. More men should take advantage of her color specializations. I highly recommend Stephanie's services to business professionals who are interested in increasing confidence and perception.

Gery D. of Jamestown, OH

YTC products are incredible and the prices are amazing compared to what I've seen (and unfortunately purchased) out there. And I am actually excited to go shopping for clothes for the first time that I can remember. This was my best birthday present ever!

Angela M. of Bellbrook, OH

I had a color analysis with Stephanie. It really opened my eyes and thought process. She was professional, patient and very knowledgeable. She has an excellent work environment setup. I was thoroughly impressed and would recommend her to anyone.

Lara C. of Bellbrook, OH

I have to admit I was skeptical of having a "color analysis". I didn't think it would be of much value, just something trendy people did. I was surprised when I could see for myself the change the different colors made to my complexion and my overall look. I actually thought I looked like my "old" self - about 10 years younger.

Beth L. of Dayton, OH

Stephanie is passionate and thorough. She doesn't need to "sell" the benefits of wearing the most flattering colors to her clients. They witness for themselves the wonderful transformation. Let Stephanie help you look your best!

Renee G. of Springboro, OH

Stephanie Sutterlin is a consummate professional. As a workshop presenter, she was warm, approachable, extremely knowledgeable about her subject matter, and went above and beyond what we asked of her - even staying an hour after the event concluded to answer questions!

Pam W. of Centerville, OH

Stephanie designed a simple plan for me and chose products that enhanced rather than overwhelmed my features. I got a great look that is really me, only better and more professional. Even my husband liked it!

Linda P. of New Carlisle, OH

This woman has the gift, the drive, the compassion and the generosity to inspire cancer patients and survivors. I truly think this is something other Cancer Hope patients would benefit from, male and female. Three thumbs up!

Marita M. of Bellbrook, OH

The day I had my colors done, I thought it was "pampering". Now I think it is a necessity! It has opened up a world of color I never knew before. I benefitted not just from the color of my clothes, but from wearing the right shades of makeup, too.

Lisa C. of Kettering, OH

Since my color analysis, I carry my color swatch packet with me. I used to tend to buy all the same basic colors. It turns out some were not the best for me. Now I have a much wider selection available and am much more confident in my choices.

Terry M. of Centerville, OH

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